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The Snooper DVR-5HD incorperates 2 cameras and has safety features such as; front collision warnings & lane departure warnings, all to aide a safer journey.

Front & Rear Full HD video recording.
User choice between
1920 x 1440p (Super HD) Front
1920 x 1080p (Full HD) Front & Rear

32GB micro SD included

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Department CAMERA Category DASH/DVR
Brand SNOOPER QFC 14753
Barcode 5019896150022 Weight 0.35 kg
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Full HD, Dual Dash Cam with Speed Camera Alerts

Introducing the Snooper DVR-5HD, FULL HD Front & Rear Dash Camera! Bringing together two 1080p HD video cameras to cover the front and rear of your vehicle. Snooper DVR-5HD includes forward collision and lane departure warnings, 3-axis g-sensors and GPS location data. High quality footage is available on both cameras, helping to protect your no claims discount and ensuring you're not a victim of an insurance scam.

Key Features

• 3.0” LCD Touchscreen Display
• 1440p/1080p Full HD Front Camera
• 1080p Rear Camera
• 130° Wide Angle Lens
• Automatic Accident & Event Recording
• Continuous Audio & Video Recording
• Emergency recording
• Built-In GPS
• 3-Axis G-Sensor
• Speed Camera Warning
• Lane Departure Warnings
• Forward Collision Warning
• Lifetime Safety Camera Updates
• 32GB MicroSD Card Included (Max Size 64GB)

Built-in LCD screen

Enjoy instant playback through the built-in 3” LCD screen, proving your innocence instantly to the offending driver.

Speed Camera Alerts

The new Snooper DVR-5HD comes with the ability to download an built-in award winning speed camera database. Snooper Aura™ speed trap database alerts drivers to the location of all types of GPS speed cameras including Gatso, Truvelo, Specs and Watchman across the Uk and Europe and advising driver’s to lower their speed. That's over 10,300 speed cameras in the UK alone.

High Sensitivity G-Sensor & GPS Receiver

A built-in G-Sensor and GPS antenna records speed, location and time and impact data. Once an incident is recorded, DVR-5HD overlays the data onto Google Maps® for easy viewing and downloading.

Built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor

DVR-5HD’s built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor will monitor impact from 3 separate directions.

Automatic Activation

Once DVR-5HD has power the recording is instantly activated and your journey, with any incidents, are captured.

Wide Angle View

With a 155° viewing and recording angle for the front camera and 130° for the rear, you can be assured that your DVR-5HD will not miss any vital footage you may require

2 Channel Recording

With a 155° viewing and recording angle for the front camera and 130° for the rear, you can be assured that your DVR-5HD will not miss any vital footage you may require

360° Camera Rotation

For enhanced recording and viewing angle, DVR-5HD Front camera rotates to a maximum of 360° on the windscreen 'ball joint' bracket.

Continuous Loop Recording

Old data is overwritten automatically if it hasn't been allocated to the incident/event folder. This allways allows DVR-5HD to maximise the space on the micro SD card.

Sound and vision

Snooper DVR-5HD provides Front & Rear HD video continuously, including any incident you are involved with. Also a built-in microphone will capture any audio footage from inside your vehicle. Capture every word spoken before, during and after the incident. For privacy protection, the microphone can be switched on or off.

Focus Range

With an impressive close focus drivers benefit from crisp and clear imagery on close road signs and vehicle number plates further ahead.

Automatic Emergency Collision Detection

A 3 Axis G-Force and shock sensor detects motion and automatically records this as an 'Event'.

Compact Mount

To aid performance and ensuring the DVR-5HD is fitted correct, the compact mount will allow users to position the device close to the windscreen. This stops the device auto focussing on the glass reflection and ensuring crystal clear video footage, ideal for any insurance claim. The Rear Camera comes with a self adhesive mount to fix directly to the screen.

Lane Departure Warning System

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) is designed to alert drivers when they cross lanes unintentionally, keeping them and their passengers safe on the road.

MicroSD Card Included

The included 32GB Micro SD Card captures any, and all driving. All footage from, both cameras, are automatically recorded directly to the card. This ensures you never miss an incident, DVR-5HD will film 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after any event


  • 1 x Snooper DVR-5HD
  • 1 x Snooper Rear Camera
  • 1 x Windscreen Bracket
  • 1 x In-Vehicle Power Cable (12/24V)
  • 1 x User Guide Disc
  • 1 x 32GB MicroSD Card


Image Sensor CAM1:1/3" OV4689 , CAM2:1/2.7" OV2710 2M Pixel
Lens CAM1:2688(H) x1520(V), CAM2:1920(H) x 1080(V)
Angle of View CAM1:H:122°, V:62°, D:155°, CAM2:H:102° , V:51° ,D:130°
Lens Construction CAM1:6G + 1 IR filer, CAM2: 4G + 1 IR filter
Resolution CAM1: 2560 x 1440@30fps, CAM2: N/A
CAM1: 1920 x 1080@30fps, CAM2: 1920 x 1080@30fps
Frame 30 fps max.
Recording Mode Continuous/Event/
Event Mode 3-Axis G-Force Sensor
Event Recording Mode Applied for 15 sec. before and after shock (Total 30 sec)
Focus Range 1.5m to infinity
Electronic Shutter
Shutter Auto: 1/2 to 1/2000 sec
Display, GPS, Storage
LCD Display 3.0" High Definition LCD
Velocity, Location, Google Maps® Supported
Capacity MicroSD memory card 32GB
Audio & Power
Input Built-in microphone
Output Speaker (Beep Alerts)
Main Power DC 12-24V
Battery Built-in 470mAh li-polymer rechargeable
Temperature 0° to 50°
Humidity 20 to 70% RH
Storage Temperature −20° to 80°
Size 88.8mm x 53.1mm x 28.4mm
Weight 82g (without memory card)

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